Joey Allaham

Chef and Small Business Owner in New York

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Joey Allaham is regarded as the city’s first owner of high-end kosher steakhouse. Originally from Syria, he was born in a fourth generation butcher family which used to serve some of the most important people in the Syrian aristocracy. Being raised in a family of well-connected butchers allowed him to learn a lot about meat and working in the business, and when he moved to the U.S in 1993, he brought his expertise with him. Although his parents expected him to study law school, he decided to go follow his dream and make a career in the food industry.

Joey Allaham started his journey as a wholesale business caterer in Brooklyn. With a lot of hard work and dedication, after some time he was able to finally make his dream come true and open his own restaurant. As a trained butcher Joey Allaham was able to provide his restaurant with the best quality and finest cuts of meat which attracted a list of high-profile guests including celebrity names. Realizing the need for changing the kosher market, which at that time was very limited, he used his knowledge in the meat business to start his own kosher restaurant.

Through his restaurant Joey Allaham showed New Yorkers that there is more to kosher food than the usual briskets, gefilte fish and pastrami sandwich, and at the same time provided his customers with top-quality kosher meat, while creating something new, different, and unique. His innovative ideas and savvy business skills made him a noted restaurant entrepreneur whose restaurants offer a combination of traditional and innovative, packed in a relaxed, elegant atmosphere with delicious inventive comfort food suitable for all types of occasions.