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Wraps Recently, a very popular device to assist in removing cellulite, such as body and former cellutron and wrap the body with a special elastic straps soaked in minerals and plant extracts. With finishes pushing fat and toxins back into the lymphatic system, so that you then eliminated from the body in a natural way. How these methods are effective, it is difficult to assess and demonstrate an opinion on the effectiveness of different and, of course, from the individual.

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Story itself is important to know that only with the active weight loss cellulite will not be resolved, but only reduce the volume of fatty tissue. Applies to try several methods before you find one that will work most effectively in your case, because every cellulite is the story itself, instructed says that the best results come just a combination of several techniques.

Pineapple If you also combat this enemy largest women's skin You must also mention your diet pineapple, as this juicy tropical fruit contains many enzymes that stimulate blood circulation and promote the excretion of water and waste products from the body. However, the first rule that it is the removal of cellulite for a constant struggle which should last for many years and not just a few months before they slipped into a revealing bikini.

German professor dr. Claus Peter Sieges is convinced that it is possible to beat cellulite from the inside only, with a daily consumption of foods containing certain nutrients: - Sculpture: It is found in foods rich in animal protein, such as meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs. - Potassium: found in milk, fruits, cereals, tomatoes, bananas ... - Vitamin C: found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, onion, horseradish, sprouts and fresh and dried fruit. Did have a male cellulite?