Joey Bonanno

My name is Joey Bonanno, I am 18 years old majoring in exercise science and part of the Men's Gymnastics team at Ohio State.

Of my top 5 strengths, the one I am going to pick is focus. To me, focus is setting yourself on a goal and prioritizing responsibilities in order to attain that goal. I identify with this strength the most of the five choices because I believe that focus is the reason for a majority of my accomplishments. In academics and in gymnastics, focus is a main component of my success, especially in the long hours of training I endure. Since being a college student-athlete, focus has taken a larger role in my life. I am held to a high standard in both academics and in gymnastics so prioritizing my actions and keeping focused on my goals has been a crucial part of my life.

One of my favorite assignments in EHE survey was the dream job description. For my dream job I talked about how my goal is to work as a physical therapist for a professional sports team. After my undergrad years in college, I am aiming to attend graduate school for physical therapy and attain a specialization in sports PT. With this degree I would like to work with athletes to overcome adversity in their professional athletic careers. This assignment allowed me to focus on my goal career and helped me discover the path necessary to take in the future.

Lessons from a First-Year Buckeye was another one of my favorite projects in EHE survey. This assignment allowed me to share the lessons I have learned since being in college. Some of these lessons included staying true to yourself, finding alone time, and prioritizing your many responsibilities in college. This assignment helped me express what I have learned in college and will help me for future reference.

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