Joey Crump

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Over six years of live service in the auto locksmithing industry. Recognized as being a wholehearted employee presenting well above 150% effort in everything.
Continually picking up new crafts to enrich my proficiency as locksmith to help make sure that the customers's homes and firms are impregnable 24/7 a day.
I can connect efficiently with an extensive range of persons in any disturbed situation.

I have actual experience fixing and replacing locks, including giving rekeying amenities of locks and deadbolts (to avoid the hassle of changing the entire lock) and auto alarm remotes fitting.
Known as the business locksmith in Boynton Beach FL, I have performed thousands jobs that requested a licensed Boynton Beach locksmith.


Install household alarm systems and CCTV

Duplicate almost all keys for trunk

Replacement of household safety systems and CCTV

Make GM PassKey keys

Emergency 24/7 locksmith services

Installing locks of all kinds including exterior door lock from Nostalgic, mounted wall safe from Gardall, Baldwin deadbolt, and heavy duty wall safe

Unlocking of almost any car, be it 1936 Citroen Traction, 1992 Hummer H1, 1996 Opel Astra Caravan or any other auto


Boynton Beach Locksmith Services - Boynton Beach Florida (September 2009 - 2015)

Boynton Beach Locks - Boynton Beach FL (Aug 2002 - Jun 2007)

Sunshine Square - Boynton Beach (March 1991 - Jun 1996)