Joseph Aquilino

Staten Island NY

Project Link on Xemee (for all my projects, ventures and profiles) : Disclaimer: I am an Advocate for RSDers and for disabled people, especially those with chronic pain conditions. Please keep in mind I'm not a doctor, so please ask your doctor before trying these treatments... I'm an Advocate, not a doctor... The more we make Aware there will some day be a CURE! "To work as a team is to be successful." I am an advocate for RSD/CRPS research... setting up a bunch of informational pages for all to read... Entrepenteurial spirit, is the best creative spirit ever I'm an internet entrepreneur and innovator... Creating is my life... I figured this out after my accident at work in 2008, which left me with RSD a chronic pain disorder, which deals with the sympathetic nerve... The full name of the disorder is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and I'm an advocate for RSD and RSD patients... That is part of my legacy... one day I hope to make RSD a household name on Staten Island, but its all about the promotions and the awareness of the disease, because it is an unknown disorder and many people do not know about it. I created an online community for RSD Patients... I also am the creator of the #JGF Family the most respected and influential family on the internet, Gigglestown, which is a series of services and shops and Joeygiggles, which is the networking arm. I have a Blogtalkradio channel, Spreecast channel, OOVOO Channel and Youtube channel... I'm the creator of Gigglestown Creations... I'm the creator of the RSD support network on Spruz... I'm the creator of the #JGF Family #RSD Action Network, which is a group of people that come together to get RSD in the media, in the newspapers, in magazines and on the radio. I'm the founder of lots of community pages, fan pages, blogs and groups on Facebook I'm the creator of DJ giggles on ... soon to have page on Facebook I'm the creator of numerous Twibbon and sticker campaigns I'm a member of numerous community projects and events such as The Doctors Community, The DR OZ community, Community, Community, Myspace, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Cancer Sucks community, ACS community, RSD community, Community, community and many more...

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