Joseph Giorgione

I grew up in Las Vegas to two hard working wonderful parents. I was privileged with a great and very diverse education growing up. I am intelligent and won the Nevada State Competition in Speech and Debate in high school.

I attended the College of Southern Nevada where I grew as a man. While studying Pre-Law I worked a full time job as a caterer and part time used car salesman and paid my way through college. I have committed my life to being great in what I have set out to achieve.

I moved to Eilat, Israel after College where I lived for over a year working in the Leonardo Hotels Eilat. I recently relocated from Eilat to Bat Yam where I live with my wife. I'm a successful: driven, competitive, extraordinarily enthusiastic, adaptable, responsible employee. I have a history in Hotels and sales/marketing with a tenacity for interpersonal communication. I am a American-born Oleh Hadash who is a Native-English speaker with a growing vernacular in Hebrew and Russian.