Joey Houssian

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Joey Houssian is the adventure-loving founder of The Adventure Group, also known as TAG. Located in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Joey started The Adventure Group with a simple mantra of providing the highest quality adventures to fellow nature lovers and thrill seekers.

Joey’s passion for adventure was fostered by his family at an early age while growing up in British Columbia. An avid outdoorsman, Joey would spend hours exploring the mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests found in British Columbia. As a young man, Joey’s desire to travel took him to over 50 countries around the globe, experiences that served as later inspiration.

Joey believes that outdoor adventures give people a chance to form deep life-long bonds with one another; they also provide an opportunity to return to daily life rejuvenated and relaxed. “At The Adventure Group, we want to enrich our visitor’s lives. And we take pride in our ability to provide high quality adventures in the spectacular environment of Whistler, British Columbia,” Joey Houssian adds.

In addition to his work at The Adventure Group, Joey Houssian is the owner and founder of Superfly Ziplines and Wedge Rafting, both of which are also located in Whistler, British Columbia.