Joey Maida

I'm Joey Maida and as an actor I may look like a big ol’ football player but I go much deeper than brute strength and beer pong.

I live for the great adventure, to inspire, love, passion, power and creativity. Before making the leap as an actor I played a different role. That of business owner of a successful moving company. I was a young college kid with big dreams and needed to make a little money. The company grew and I put my dreams of being an actor on the back burner. It wasn't until I met my mentor Tom Todoroff who opened the door to acting. Tom asked me to be a part of the first ensemble of the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory in NYC, and you know what? I said yes. I recently graduated and I found my purpose. I haven't looked back since. I got personal fulfillment I didn't know was possible when I began acting.

I'm an athlete at heart. I grew up playing football, baseball, and wrestling. I also played football at the Air Force Academy prep school. Sports have taught me incredible discipline and showed me what I'm made of. It is actually my athletic background that inspires me to play an actual Superhero one day.

Up next for me? I am in the middle shooting my first film as a leading man! It's called "8 1/2 Circles" and it's a David Lynch MA film that will wrap up shooting in Italy and Slovenia. And that's exactly what I've always wanted: to explore the world while creating the extraordinary connection of an actor and his audience.

I see acting as an act of service and I intend to do as Tom has taught me: make my life a work of art, make my life a work of heart. I think this a great plan indeed for a former little altar boy from Cali who was raised by his dad and grandparents. I invite you to take this journey with me.