Joey Rodolfo

Joey Rodolfo is an accomplished and acclaimed menswear designer. With over three decades of experience under his belt, Joey is a veteran of beautiful, functional sportswear design. He finds creative inspiration in structure and architectural design, and loves to contemplate the cyclical relationship between architecture and style.

Above all else, Joey Rodolfo is an industry innovator. His creative genius has been credited as the driving force behind the elevation of the Tommy Bahama brand. Under Joey’s design and direction, the brand shed its “hawaiian shirt” image and flourished into a highly favored sportswear brand.

Joey has since parted ways from Tommy Bahama, and is currently working on his newest business venture, WOW Studios. WOW is comprised of a team of designers that work to create fresh, new designs that pay an ode to the principles and philosophies of “old school design”.

To learn more about Joey, visit his website:

Joey Rodolfo | Sportswear Designer