Joey V

All about Me
By Joey Voto
Hello everyone! It’s Mark Ryan interviewing Joey Voto! He is my best friend EVER and I just finished interviewing him and will tell you all about him! Joey is 12 years old, in 7th grade, goes to the Locke Middle School, lives in North Billerica at his house with is Mom, Dad, and dog Vinnie. Also, Joey likes technology and likes video games, as long as they are Kinect, or a dancing game. Let me tell you some of the characteristics I heard that I thought were nifty, snazzy, and very unique! He would like to go to the Shawsheen Tech in Billerica because it has a lot of fun stuff, even more fun than the Billerica Memorial!
His 5 favorite lunches are Turkey and Cheese, Raisin Bran, Peanut butter and jelly, Nachos with a side of beef, and Cocoa Pebbles. He completes his homework at home in the kitchen, sometimes right away, and sometimes he waits a while. His 5 favorite foods are pasta and meatballs, pizza from Liberty Bell, Brickhouse Pizza, and Arlington House of Pizza, SWEET LIBERTY FROZEN YOGURT AND ICE CREAM, Oreo Cookies, and Ice Cream. The foods he can cook up are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Turkey and Cheese, Microwave Pancakes, Pop Tarts, Microwave Popcorn, and English muffin Pizza. The chores he does are filling up his dog Vinnie’s bowl, getting the mail, taking recycling out, bringing the barrels in after trash day, and Joey also helps take out the trash. His morning routine is getting up and going to the bathroom, then getting dressed, then going downstairs and eating breakfast if not in a rush. He brushes his teeth, put my shoes on, and then he is out the door. What he likes about school is the ability that you can learn different things, and have fine arts. He likes the subject English. He dislikes that some of the stuff that he’s learning isn’t really interesting, and that sometimes the homework is harder than they actually teach that same day. He dislikes the subjects Math, Social Studies, and science (so far). His 5 favorite movies are Despicable Me 1 & 2, Jack and Jill, the Benchwarmers, and Cars 1. His favorite free time activities are hanging out with friends, playing games, movie editing, technology, and using his GoPro camera to film. For personal hygiene he uses deodorant, washing his face, using shampoo, washing his hands, and using mouthwash. Joey’s favorite activities he likes to do with his friends are watch YouTube, go to the movies, get ice cream, play games, and play on his iPad.