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In a company with a cheerful buddy, time flies faster. While the whole world in fear is waiting for a meeting with the alien mind, you have a chance not only to meet, but also to make friends with it, shoulder to shoulder after many tests. When danger hangs over the planet, and zombies and criminals roam the streets, only a brave and strong alien can save us - but, of course, not without your help. Remember that in the final battle of Good and Evil, for which you are preparing for it, you will not have a second chance. But there are plenty of opportunities to turn defeat into an unconditional victory in Kizi training games. Practice in the Battle of Monsters before you go to Protect the world from aliens - only perfectly worked team will be able to cope with such difficult tasks. And the only way jogos Kizi games will not only help you develop coordination of movements, but also teach you the most important thing - friendship and mutual assistance!