Johan B. Lindstrom

Seattle, Washington, United States

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We live inside of our self-created frameworks that not only define us but hugely limit our peronal expression. Why not break the mold once and for all?! It is time to live out our best dreams and take hold of our individual destinies.

We have been given just so much time to live and it is up to us what we do with that time... WHY NOT CHANGE your life now because tomorrow is just too late.

I have expanding my journey to include internet marketing as a LIFESTYLE, where I am able to meet my needs to grow personally creating a 'Four Directional Inner Wealth' ( incorporating spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wealth ).

My VISION is to HELP others GROW, both financially as well as personally. I go the textra mile to make others succesful and show them what I do that actually WORKS.

The future of the internet is heading toward more advanced online business models that will shift the wealth of the world to the entrepreneur willing to take on this new oyster.

They say: 'Money can't buy happiness, but neither does poverty'. So, go and DESIGN YOUR LIFESTYLE - it is worth the effort.

Let's change the world, one 'economy' at a time - yours!

Let's shift the wealth to people with heart and a passion!

Remember, you are not your job, your position or your talents. You are more and beyond that! You and I are all spiritual beings trying to have a human experience...

When your life is at the fork between two choices, rise in consciousness to look down at yourself from above - now your third choice may appear! There is always a third choice when you rise above your limitations... Vondir.

PS. While we're here, we might as well collaborate, n'est-ce pas?

  • Work
    • Window & Door Retrofit Sales & Consulting
  • Education
    • Spånga Gymnasium Trade School
    • Chelan High School
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Internet Traffic Generation