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Ever wonder why we say things like “don’t steal my thunder” or “eye for an eye, is a tooth for a tooth”? Well wonder no more. This blog will dig deep into the history of these clichés and phrases to find out where and why we use them in our daily life quite often. My name is Johanna and I will be your blog host. I’m a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design and I have always had a love of storytelling. The way this blog will work is every week I will be posting multiple clichés and phrases explaining their origins but I will also need your participation. There are so many clichés out there I am certain I haven’t heard them all so I want to hear yours. Your stories on where you heard them and where you believe they came from will keep the conversations exciting. If you have ever wondered why people say the crazy things they say, then send in a comment and join the blog!