Hanna Pascua

I am..ü

Johanna-Carmela Baluya-Pascua

Hanna or Jj

2 January, 1987 [Capricorn]

Manila, Philippines











Photography [basic]



Arachnids, spiders and any creature that has more that 5 legs.

"The plastics"

Annoyance, Stupidity and Redundancy.

Lies and Selfishness.

Too much expectations.

Mga taong torpe o masyadong horny.

Mga taong kilala ka lang pag may kailangan sila sa'yo.

Mga taong burara.

Mga taong hindi marunong magbayad ng utang.

My biological Father.

Things you should know about me:

I am OC by nature. I practice mise-en-place in every aspect of my life.

I have the tendency to be "always prepared".

I am only talktative on-line but in real life I am terribly shy. You've to initiate the conversation then let's take it from there.

I am open-minded [yes, my skull is intact thank you very much]. I can talk about anything under the sun - from conservative topics to reallly green ones to paranormal things.

I am sensitive to other people's feelings but I am used to the company of my really sarcastic and wacky friends. Hence, I have the tendency to be careful with my words and actions.

I grew up in a simple community which is why I prefer to have a simple lifestyle. But I can appreciate fine things in life.

I am not a complicated person. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I try to tackle things in the most proper way possible.

I am not exactly the religious type of person but I do fear God. My relationship with Him has its ups and downs and I have to say that I wasn't keen about going to Church every Sunday. But every day I try to talk to Him about random things and share to Him my thoughts and ideas as often as possible. I try my best to trust Him even though sometimes I feel awkward for talking to Him and not hearing any reply heheü