Johanne Lemaire

data analyst and using Tableau in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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I am passionate about the whole process for data-driven decision making: defining KPIs with multiple stakeholders, analysis, and communicating insight through visual and written storytelling.

What I do best is linking teams, professions, cultures, outside view by speaking to everyone in their own language. I am an engineer who has spent most of my career in marketing and analysis, and can relate to developers as well as sales consultants, and most importantly, link both groups in a way that makes everyone win.

I like public speaking, from presenting at industry conferences to audiences with more than 300 people to leading internal training workshops to doing product demos for potential customers on a webinar. Fun fact: when I changed from a role that involved frequent conference and customer on-site presentations to a more internally-focused role, I joined Toastmasters to get my speaking fix and satisfy my thirst for learning and engaging with groups.

I am currently looking for a new opportunity: message me to get in touch: ✏ [email protected]

Data-driven | KPIs | Marketing | Interdisciplinary | Tableau | Excel | VBA | SQL | Python | Data Storytelling | ROI Calculation | Dashboards | Trend Forecasting | Public Speaking | Presentations | Data Visualization | Data Exploration | Bi-lingual English French | Sales Leads | Marketing Funnel | E-Commerce | SaaS | Telecom | Internet of Things