Johannes HABERL

Architect in Österreich

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Studied in Graz, at TU Graz, styria, austria.
Some of my teachers and persons that inspired me: Adelhard Roidinger, Josef Klose, Günther Domenigg, Holger Neuwirth ...

Made my master-project for the diploma at TU Graz / Univ.Doz.Arch.Dipl.Ing.Dr.techn.
Holger Neuwirth / Project: photo gallery and cinema in Judenburg.

Worked with architects in graz, judenburg, knittelfeld (among others, for a lot of time: Landl-Baier / Baier-Thoma styria/austria especially with architect Hans Baier), working mainly in styria.

Own small office since 2004. My special interest is on sustainability, green and blue buildings.
I am a Passive House planner, member of Passivhaus Austria.

My private interests are photography, contemporary (jazz) music, art, architecture, nature ... Love the Murtal and the river Mur especially the part between Thalheim and Scheifling.