Johannes Hauer

Johannes Hauer is a professional actor from Germany. He has worked in many internationally-awarded films and tv productions including the European most successful telenovela running in over 20 countries, ¨Storm of Love¨. He is also working as a teacher of personal-skills-development and stress-reduction programs for the Art of Living (AOL) Foundation and the International Association for Human Values (IAHV).

He speaks German, English, Norwegian, French and Spanish. He has lived in South America, Europe, India, and Middle East.

He developed a Workshop called “Creativity & Breath” to share his experience of the benefits of yoga and meditation in his creative work.

The AOL programs he teaches include breathing techniques, relaxation and ancient practical knowledge aimed at improving the quality of life of professionals of all arts as well as students in educational centres all over the world.

The AOL Foundation, which has a consultant status at the United Nations, is one of the largest humanitarian NGOs in the world, present in more than a 150 countries.