Johanni Rosa

Raleigh, NC

Johanni Rosa earned a Business Administration Associates of Science, and a Certificate in Accounting Bookkeeping with a Magna Cum Laude honor, at Northern Virginia Community College. There she was a Dean’s List and Presidential Scholar student. She plans to transfer to a four-year college where she will obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Operations Management. She is a hard working single-mother of two, who during her last semester at Northern Virginia Community College worked two jobs and managed to maintain an outstanding grade average in all her four classes – including classes in Biology and Statistics. In addition to the aforementioned, her stamina, willpower and desire to help others drive her to volunteer her service as a fitness and wellness coach to a group of women that have encountered psychological and physical issues. For Johanni, coaching is a passion that she sees as an integral part of her career. Owning her own fitness and wellness business is her dream.

Johanni Rosa possesses strong work ethics. She is able to work as part of a team in stressful situations; maintain composure and sense of humor in the face of heavy workload, constant interruptions and occasional angry customers. She is proficient with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks and is very effective at managing time. Working in the airline business for five years required that she prioritized her work, accomplished assignments within tight deadlines, and she delivered high quality work. She is seeking employment in companies that can provide excellent opportunities for career development and personal growth; and is confident that with her Office Sales Assistant experience (which include: executive support, office management, billing/invoicing, customer care, account management, database administration, document preparation, travel/meeting coordination, processing payments, answering incoming calls and scheduling deliveries) and the Administrative Assistant skills she has acquired at previous jobs, she will be able to obtain a challenging position in an organization in which she will be able to utilize both her education background and professional experience to contribute to the organization’s noble and humanitarian goals.

  • Education
    • Associates of Science in Business Administration
    • Certificate in Accounting Bookkeeping