Johanniterkellerei Kuonen Grichting

Our success is based on more than 95 years of experience in the production of quality Valais wines! Skillfully, with extensive experience our noble wines are vinified and bottled, after their grapes have matured in the sun-richest area of Switzerland.

Those who do not know the wine country Valais yet, will enthusiastically discover, which numerously distinguished cellar-treasures the Johanniterkellerei K&G has to offer.
Our assortment covers an amazing variety, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, yet is indeed, very typical of the wine country Valais.

Salgesch is an extremely charming place. It neighbors the young and impetuous Rhone River, as well as the forest of finge, a large and untainted national park. The Raspille Creek of Salgesch separates the Upper and the Lower Valais demarcating the language border (in French, Salgesch is called Salquenen).

The small township with its 1300 inhabitants has become the largest vineyard community of the Upper Valais, well renowned beyond the borders of the canton. The community counts 480 acres of vines, and more than 40 wineries.