Johan Verheyden

Brussels, Belgium and the rest of the world...

As everyone else, I am many things ... father, manager, co-worker, someone’s friend. These roles define not only what I am, but also who I am.

The tag line says I am ‘an observing communicator with a penchant for indignation’. True enough. I look at the world with a sense of wonder. I look around me, I look at people (some even accuse me of staring).

I communicate. With people I know, and increasingly, with people I don’t know. I am interested in, well, basically everything. Politics, the weather, the name of your dog. If I set my sights on you, I will follow your conversation and eventually - but inevitably - I will wriggle my two cents worth in.

My two cents worth ... I've often been called 'opinionated'. True! Why not. But the viewpoints I defend are mine. And, as I will fiercely guard my right to have an opinion, I will listen with genuine interest and respect to yours. And adjust my standpoints if you convince me.

The indignation ... Call me old-fashioned but often I am appalled by the lack of respect, empathy, justice, veracity etc. people will offer one-another. More often than I wish to, I find myself mumbling to the TV or groan when I read something that is not clearly thought through, offensive or vexing.

Indignation, but not an indignado, even though I am part of the 99% ...but I do get angry when I hear of or see injustice, when someone is wronged. When people abuse their position of power ...

Yet, I also am still moved by an act of kindness, a kind word, a gesture of recognition. By people who are not just bystanders in life, by those who labour for a better society.