John Lauro

Attorney/Principle at Lauro Singer Law Firm in Tampa, FL

John Lauro

Attorney/Principle at Lauro Singer Law Firm in Tampa, FL

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John Lauro is a distinguished trial attorney renowned for his extensive experience in navigating criminal and commercial litigation complexities. His legal expertise spans a broad spectrum of cases, encompassing accounting, securities, conspiracy, healthcare, and other white-collar and commercial litigation facets.

Over the course of his illustrious career, he has consistently delivered remarkable outcomes in high-profile cases that have captivated the public's attention. One of his standout achievements includes securing a Rule 29 acquittal in a prominent federal criminal case, representing the former president of a national healthcare company. This client had faced severe allegations of violating federal securities and conspiracy laws, and his skillful representation resulted in a resounding victory.

In a groundbreaking legal milestone, he successfully defended an individual charged in the inaugural "dot-com securities fraud" case brought before the federal court in Manhattan. This landmark case culminated in a complete jury acquittal on all charges, underscoring his prowess in tackling intricate financial litigation.

Furthermore, Lauro has provided exemplary legal counsel to a well-known sports figure accused of violating federal wire fraud statutes concerning gambling activities. His unwavering dedication and legal insight led to a favorable resolution for his client, cementing his reputation as a leading advocate.

One of his most notable achievements involved securing the dismissal of all civil claims against a Middle Eastern banking institution in a high-stakes 9/11 litigation case in New York. This complex and sensitive matter ultimately reached the Supreme Court, which affirmed the dismissal, further attesting to his exceptional legal abilities.

In another significant triumph, he obtained a multi-million dollar judgment against a New York investment advisor who had defrauded an international jewelry manufacturer in connection with an investment account.

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