New York

I'm an actor, writer, and voice-over talent based in NYC. But you know me, 'cause I'm the guy next door. An everyman who's just as comfortable playing a henpecked husband on the seat of a ride-on lawnmower as he is portraying a take-no-prisoners negotiator in the seat of power.

I've been lucky to study with luminaries like Terry Schreiber, Carol Fox Prescott, Gary Austin, and Niki Flacks. But some of my best training came from working with teenagers as a teacher and coach. That meant putting on a show five times a day for five days a week, acting like I knew what I was talking about. It's also where I learned how to crack jokes or skulls (metaphorically) as the case warranted.

These days my daily acting warm up consists of getting my two young sons up, dressed, fed, and off to school. It allows me to play drill sergeant, chef, chauffeur, and my favorite - dad.

Like I said, I'm an everyman, but not your average everyman.

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