John Driscoll

Brisbane, Australia

As a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) of the National Speakers Association of Australia you are assured of a professional level of business conduct and presentation quality. His fun spirited approach to life is inviting and infectious. His pragmatic focus on what actually works is a relief to work with.John Driscoll is a leader in the field of Sales Performance Education.

He is the author of the “The Sales Warrior Within” which provides the reader with a concise guide John’s believes that sales is a highly professional career that demands integrity, commitment and the right type of tenacity.

When training and speaking he brings a depth of business acumen and experience to the room that all levels of business integrity base sales. The book’s content is also delivered as a Cert IV in Business Sales which provides salespeople with a powerful vehicle to join the top 2% in their field, whilst attracting government funded training to the employer.

He has sold products and services with short sales cycle and long and complex sales cycles in the millions at senior levels in IT, Telecommunications, Franchising, Commercial Real Estate and as a business owner. He has also held sales management and strategic roles within public companies; which is supported by a background in HR Learning & Development..

John lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his wife Tanya and their 3 children. More than 24 years experience in professional sales has prepared John well as he helps organisations experience balance and effectiveness within their sales force; whilst they sell more than they dreamt possible.