John Hoo

Ampang, Malaysia

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about me.

I'm just a normal guy who spends most of his time pursuing his dreams. I believe in Honda's tagline, "The Power of Dreams". My quest is an impossible one, but I will pursue them anyway. What meaning is there to life, if not to pursue one's dreams?

I am a gearhead (or petrolhead for you British folks). My passion in life is motor racing, and I have currently jumped in headfirst into pursuing that passion. Someday, I wish to own 30 cars, of which I have a list. My favourite consumer car in the world is the Honda S2000 (of which I owned), and my favourite race car is the Mazda 787B. So, if there are any billionaires out there looking to make a random guy really happy, buy me a 787B.

I am happily married with a wife and daughter, and I am lucky enough that my wife is willing to come along on my crazy adventure in entrepruneurship. Perhaps one day I will have what I need to fund my passion in motoring.

  • Work
    • AVO Technology Sdn. Bhd.
  • Education
    • Alice Smith International School
    • Purdue University