John Freeman

Photographer, Consultant, and Software Engineer in Longmont, Colorado

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Landscape & Nature Photographer - I specialize in Fine Art and Ultra Large Format Photography.

You will not find 100's of photos on my site. My main focus is Very Large Format, Ultra High Resolution photos featured in the Gigaramas page. These photos are intended for use as huge enlargements, such as movie sets and commercial settings, where normal photography is inadequate to provide the resolution and detail needed. Most of our Gigaramas have a high resolution viewer that allows visitors to get a idea of the incredible detail contained in these images.

Many of these images can be printed as wall murals as large as 8 ft x 25 ft or larger while retaining stunning detail. Ideal for commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, corporate office spaces, doctor's & dentist's offices, movie sets, airports and etc.. Any of these images can be printed at smaller sizes with incredible detail.

Using the same technology as I do for the Ultra Large Format photos, I also do Real Estate Virtual Tours allowing the viewer to tour through the property.