John McConnell

Soul Whispering Journeys in Clinton, Washington

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I help successful (yet not fully satisfied) people chart a path to a truly fulfilling life.

Perhaps your success has come at a high cost, doesn’t feel sustainable or you aren’t sure where to go from here. Maybe you feel there is more to life or are starting an exciting but scary new venture.

Together we uncover the source of your discontent and help you navigate the path to greater freedom. The freedom to embody your deepest longings, unleash your highest super powers, revel in your contributions, and savor deep connection with those you love and life itself.

Soul Whispering => The freedom to embody your true wild nature.

Business leaders & life coaches, entrepreneurs & change-agents, bold dreamers & endless seekers — you are my people. Together we can unleash the wisdom and power in our bodies and make life into the rewarding adventure we all desire. <VIDEO>

I’m looking to work with people who are committed to using their passions and gifts to contribute to a thriving and sustainable future for life on earth. We work from our beautiful retreat-like "Frog Ranch" on South Whidbey Island (not far from Seattle) and lead Soul Whispering Journeys to remote corners of the planet.

Testimonials available on request.

Image: North Face of Mt. Everest, (c) John McConnell

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    • BA Environmental Studies
    • MA Applied Behavioral Science
    • Master Somatic Coach