John Lacey

Lakewood, CO

I am seeking professional employment with an organization in either the public or private sector in which I can make a strong lasting contribution to the organization's financial success, market position, customer and client relations, and the standing and reputation of the organization in the minds of the consumer, in the community, and society.

I have many broad experiences in my employment career but primarily I have listened to individuals and people who became our organization's customers and clients. I found solutions and answers for them, making them loyal and dedicated customers and clients to the organization I was representing and myself.

My education is in public policy, social sciences disciplines, and in education. I enjoy speaking with people and taking the opportunity to educate, inform, and discuss with them about products, services, ideas, and a wide range of varied interesting subject matter.

I like to lead in an organization with a resourceful, purpose driven team and staff that only adds to this basic foundation of overall excellence and always results in success, growth, and advancement for the individuals with me and for the organization I am with. I am excellent at multi-tasking and thrive in an environment with lots of daily new challenges. I am greatly proficient in using computer based software for a number of business applications, including inventory, personnel, payroll, and product ordering and transfers.

My skill set is strong and includes professional and personal communication skills; expert analytical skills; superb teamwork skills; effective technical skills; and a long marked history of a consistent, dedicated successful work ethic.

I greatly look forward to discussing myself and my backgrounds with those who would consider having me join their organization and team. I very much enjoy being with an organization that encourages success, satisfaction, and growth in all aspects of their enterprise individually and collectively.

I am reserved intelligent gentleman residing in the Denver metro area in north Lakewood. I have been in the region for going on 25 years., I also have lived in NY, SC, NM, NV, WY, & MT.

  • Work
    • Transportation and Distribution
  • Education
    • MS, Public Policy
    • BA Secondary Social Studies Education
    • BS History - Political Geography
    • AA Liberal Arts and Science