John Lemp

John Lemp

John Lemp is founder and CEO of which was founded in the year 2002 and very soon became one of the largest internet marketing firms. The Idea behind Clickbooth was to provide basic help to small businesses owners who have the potential and aim to challenge world’s biggest media properties but are unable to compete due to not having real exposure of the market.

John has worked real hard to convert his small company into a top small business assisting company and it has been playing its vital role into reshaping the phase of online advertising, especially for the young ones who usually have complaints about the lack of opportunities and lower exposure. Clickbooth is known as the leader in the field because lots of other companies have taken the innovative approach from the company.

John’s knowledge, skills and experience worked together to give necessary assistance and tools to the small businesses to launch effective marketing campaigns. The most important thing about these kinds of competitions is that the competition is between the largest and the smallest businesses which, of course, seems to be impossible; however, John has strong belief that everyone has the right and power to be a successful business person.

John has been very successful in getting himself recognized as a leader in internet marketing business. In fact, he has changed the face of marketing and competition among the small and large companies. The most important thing to be noted about John is that he wants to bring innovation in everything and this is the reason why he has been very successful in generating new and innovative ideas every day for small businesses.

John’s Clickbooth ideas are based on partnership with small organizations or groups who are provided with advanced management platform of full-service committed to enhancing and generating the maximum revenue for both the Publishers as well as Advertisers. During the entire process, the third parties are given full access to all the highly advanced technical resources.

These are just a few of the services of John, but he has done a lot of work for others who always need helping hands and this is what makes him a popular marketer who has worked on a number of unique ideas and online marketing approach. There is a lot more to learn about John Lemp