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I'm a Comic-strip Cartoonist; an Animator; and also hyper-realistic style Illustrator. I am a Writer of Urban Supernatural genre Novels; Sci-Fi Novels; and graphic novels too. *(I am also the creator of the 1994 published blockbuster comic book series called: "Nyghtfall").

I am now trying to open up a new "Iron Hornet" animation production company; and seeking investor(s) funding for this start-up company project. All real investors and investment groups are urged to contact me!

The full amount of funding capital I am seeking for my IRON HORNET STUDIOS is; $182,737,000. (million) USD.

Executive summary and business plan are available upon request..!!


*As stated above; I'm now actively seeking motivated investors, for my completely "green energy" powered, up-n-coming, animation production company project. So if any REAL INVESTORS and or REAL INVESTOR GROUPS are seriously interested; please feel free to connect with me and shoot me an email for details about my project. My start-up animation production company offers all investor(s) high profit returns for their funding dollars. I am also available on Linked-in business site, too.

This new start-up company; "Iron Hornet Animation Studios" - is not only a high yield investment profit producing, creative company, (that will produce movie features & also television features); it's also a company that will put animation people & other creative people back to work, too. Distribution will be worldwide for the companies' products. Including the worldwide Merchandised products licesed thru the company.

I'm offering 40% - 45% equity of my company for investors investment money. (Flexible or alternative terms will be entertained too). For an Executive Summary & very detailed Business Plan; please send an email with your investor contact information, etc.

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