John Michaels


A jack of all trades,

yet a master of none..

Working to be more than an educated black man

"Life Is WAYY too short; please enjoy it for what it is... Life your life for what you see fit but make sure its positive in EVERY WAY" John Michaels

I know this isn't a Bio but if you have a question ask and I MAY Tell!

at this point in my life COOKING is my life. I'm not looking to become a chef just yet; But i'm doing other things as well. Check out my website cause its the start of it. Next I plan to hit local food festivals with a new style of "EAT" that will give people new types of favors to "old" ways of selling food. 2013 is the start of it all; just want in 2014 it will truly arrive.

  • Work
    • I.T.
  • Education
    • Los Medanos Community College Pittsburg,Ca