John M. Johnson, II

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Tampa, Florida

John M. Johnson, II

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Tampa, Florida

My name is John Johnson. I am a software developer specializing in web applications and databases for the Windows Server platform, with more than 15 years of experience. I started out writing client-server applications with Visual Basic 5 & 6. Shortly after, I moved to web development, using ASP and COM. Around 2001 Microsoft released Beta 1 of the .NET framework. I was lucky enough to be working for a company that embraced .NET and even tasked me with learning as much as I could about it as part of the R & D team.

I have been a VB guy my entire career. I started writing all of my web and desktop applications, even Windows Services, with Visual Basic .NET. But over time, like any other competent .NET developer, it was necessary for me to know both languages. I have become nearly as proficient in C# as VB.

The majority of my career has been porting older, "Classic ASP" web applications to ASP.NET. This wasn't planned nor did I specifically seek these types of contracts or projects. I am regularly sought after for ASP to ASP.NET migrations, due to my background and experience.

Lately I have been developing my ASP.NET web applications with Bootstrap and jQuery. I have also been utilizing Generic Handlers for my jQuery POST/GET requests. If you haven't done so, you should really check out DataTables about this approach. Your clients and/or employer will absolutely love it.

I have recently spent time thinking about my career path. A contract developer can only advance so far. I would like to move into more of a management role over the next few years. Doing so will require me to put down the "contractor" job title and assuming a "regular", permanent, 9-5 type position with a company.

Until that happens, I do have bills to pay and children to feed. So, if you have a project that is a good fit for my skills and background, do not hesitate reaching out to me.


John M. Johnson, II
Contract Microsoft Programmer
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- Web Development
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    • University of South Florida
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