John Poulin

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Mr. Poulin is the founder of The Bedford Group, Inc. a company that provides high end products and executive advisory services. As President and Chief Executive Officer he has successfully positioned the company to provide state of the art solutions, advisory services and new wave products to major companies in the printing/publishing, financial and education sectors. John is a recognized authority on publishing production techniques. In the past thirteen years his company has become the largest worldwide supplier of Computer to plate equipment and related devices.

Previously, as Vice president of Polaroid Graphics, Mr. Poulin had undertaken the task of improving North American operations, expanding the company to international markets, and positioning the company for future growth & expansion through fundamental improvements in solidifying its basic infrastructure.

In this role he restructured the sales organization to include new distribution in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. A reduction in field non-performing inventory was accomplished while substantially increasing the installed customer base. His extensive domestic and international skills have allowed for accelerated growth and a larger worldwide market share penetration, while overseeing Marketing, Sales, Administration, and Support. The efforts resulted in the desired sale of the company.

Formerly, Mr. Poulin was Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Support for Iris Graphics. This Scitex division specializes in development, manufacturing, and sales of high-end digital proofing and output solutions to multiple markets, including: Graphic Arts, Textiles, Fine Arts, Digital Photo Labs, GIS, and CAD. In this position he was instrumental in reversing negative trends, returning the company back to profitability, and allowing for substantial repositioning and growth.

Subsequently, Mr. Poulin was effective as Vice President of Optronics in charge of Sales throughout the Americas with responsibilities for both Sales and Support through direct, indirect, and OEM channels. Previously, Mr. Poulin was Director of International Support and the architect of Worldwide Customer Support Operations. As a key executive he was instrumental in transitioning the company from a defense contractor to a commercial product vendor, while establishing a full-service customer support organization and company training facility. His diverse skills allowed for a consistent growth and

  • Education
    • Usc Marshall School of Business