John Williamson

Small Business Owner in Australia

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Greetings, I’m John. I’m a small business owner living in Australia.

I first came across EFT in around 2004 after I needed some help to overcome some significant personal issues. After seeing a psychologist for a number of sessions I was promptly told that I would have to learn to cope with my issues and I was more a less thrown into the world to figure it out for myself. This then led me down a path to search for an answer, and eventually EFT provided that answer.

After experiencing personal success with EFT I then went on to help other relatives and friends before embarking on professional training to become a qualified EFT Practitioner. I have now been working in the field of EFT as an EFT Practitioner for the last 10 or so years.

Over the course of providing EFT I have become dedicated to helping individuals suffering from the effects of trauma. This includes traumatic personal experiences as a result of Military Service, but also includes a range of other traumas from Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Rape, Mental Abuse, Sever Assaults, War Memories and a whole host of traumatic experiences.

I know some EFT Practitioners prefer not to (and in some cases wont) delve into these areas (especially child abuse) as its a part of the human sole where many fear to tread. I'm not sure why this is as there are many great practitioners who have great skills who I know would be wonderful in this area.