John Zivkovic

Vancouver, BC

John's reputation and experience are diverse, technical, and of the highest quality and integrity, fostered through his fifteen years in the security industry both in Canada and worldwide. John is well known and respected in the entertainment and security industry as professional, reliable, and capable.

John's high profile personal clients have included AC/DC, KISS, Paul McCartney, K-OS, Matthew Good, and Avril Lavigne--John's current clients always remain confidential. John has provided personal protection in 21 countries, and he is well-respected by emergency responders worldwide.

John's most recent experiences have been as Operations Manager and Tour Security Specialist for one of Canada's premier security providers, based out of Abbotsford, BC. John and his team expanded the company's base from the East Coast of Canada to BC, setting up bases in Vancouver, Abbotsford, and Kelowa. John has conducted and managed operations control (including equipment and First Aid ops), overseeing and training over 200 employees. John provides security consultation for venues, production agencies, businesses and organizations, artists, municipalities, police departments, emergency response teams, and local residents. John also provides personal protection and stalker watches for high profile clients across Canada, traveling as necessary.

John is trained in Emergency Medical Response, OFA 3, CPR-C & AED, Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do, Advanced Diving (Special Response Diving, Rescue Diving, Public Safety Diving), Advanced Weapons (Advanced Shotgun, Handgun, Edged Weapon), Advanced Personal Protection & Bodyguard, Offroad Driving, Advanced Rappelling, Low Light Shooting, Survival & Evasion, and Tactical Vehical. John is also a certified BST instructor.

  • Work
    • Security Consulting & Personal Protection
  • Education
    • Justice Institute of BC,
    • St John's Ambulance
    • International Diving Educators Association
    • Maluco Tactical
    • William Blair & Associates