Tony Vera

Dallas, Texas

I was born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (USA) and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I went to Eastern District High School and graduated at USAFI. I spent 8 years in the Air Force. I am semi-retired Architectural Lighting Design/Consultant... and a full-time minister/missionary to the nations. As a Licensed Minister and I am actively teaching the Bible at The Abba House, (a community outreach in Dallas, Texas), and teach the love of GOD in Christ Jesus, at other churches. I am also associated with the Remnant Fellowship Church in Dallas and work on behalf of the Hispanic Jews of Israel, presently living in the Americas. I have 4 beautiful children whom are active and successful in the market place... I have 3 blessed grandchildren. My greatest desire is that, people would wake up to the reality of a Living and Loving GOD (the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) in the Name of His Only Begotten Son, (Jesus the Christ) whom He sent to redeem us, to save us from this temporary world... because He loves us so... and that all become aware of the greatest privilege ever bestowed upon man... to seek and to know their Creator GOD & to make Him known.... He Who created each and everyone of us... for relationship with Him and with one another.... He longs for you to reach out to Him!

  • Work
    • Tony Vera Lighting consultants
  • Education
    • Eastern District Junior - Senior High School
    • USAFI