John Boyd Psyd.

System Executive and Commissioner in Sacramento, California

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John Boyd, Psy.D., MHA, is an accomplished healthcare administration executive with an extensive background in mental health. John presently serves as Sutter Health’s System Executive for Mental Health and Chief Executive Officer for Sutter Solano Medical Center and Sutter Center for Psychiatry. He also sits on the State of California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission. Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, John is currently in his second term.

As Commissioner, John helps to support mental health across the entire state of California. By overseeing 15 other members, John supervises the execution of MHSA programs which include but are not limited to direct services to mental health clients. By analyzing these clients' contracts with their respective California counties, John is able to support various programs for prevention, early intervention, and even housing for individuals afflicted with mental illness.

During the beginning stages of his career, John saw value in giving back to his community. Having volunteered at various nonprofit organizations, he saw a strong attachment with his work at homeless shelters. For him, regardless of their background and situation, these were simply individuals looking to find a belief in something greater. That is why John decided to pursue his educational studies in psychology and mental health. For him, psychology itself touches everything. From the health care side to the social justice aspect, psychology allows an individual to make an everlasting transformative change each and every day.

Academically, John Body holds a Master's degree in health administration from the University of Southern California and a doctorate in psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Prior to joining Sutter in 2008, Dr. Boyd held positions as an assistant administrator of operations, hospital administrative director, and as the director of development for Shriner’s Hospitals for Children International Headquarters in Tampa, Fla. Dr. John Boyd also worked as both an inpatient and outpatient therapist in several organizations throughout his career.

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