John Clayamn

John Michael Clayamm is a historian writing about the second Bush administration's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the fight for public opinion to take the nation to war.

There's a great profile of Murray Waas in US -- I'm so glad to see his exceptional reporting be acknowledged.

With the publication in recent months of his news-breaking stories on the Bush administration's involvement, most notably that of Dick Cheney, in manipulating prewar Iraq intelligence - particularly its attempt to discredit former Ambassador Joseph Wilson and to out his CIA operative wife, Valerie Plame - Murray Waas has gotten a sometimes bitter taste of what he refers to as his "five minutes of fame." He's now dealing not only with sources and editors but also pesky cable television bookers who never get the answer they want and a new interest professional life. But my favorite quote is this:

One of the things I learned from the so-called Clinton scandals is there's a lot of hyperventilation, a lot of baseless allegations, and an assumption in Washington that being under investigation is a presumption of guilt. The desire and necessity and prodding of editors to be first with every new increment or detail.