John Crosby

Photographer, Announcer, and Event Services in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Come and find me at many of the local events in and around BC. I can be in front of a mic, behind a camera, or working in the background.

I'm living two different lives that I am learning are more in common than different.

'Nine 2 Five' keeps me corporate in an office with air conditioning, dress pants and conference calls. Living, and loving, the challenges of Corporate Canada. The ever changing philosophies, working within systems, and managing expectations all make an eight hour day fly by.

My after-work time is where the adventures of life begin. Getting outside and enjoying all that is available in both exciting activities and projects.

Play time is all about getting outside. Finding a trail and putting my bike wheels, and my two feet, on it. Finish a great day with a beer among friends. Repeat. Get outside and live a 'work life balance' - don't just talk about it.

Email me if you are in need of an Event Emcee or Photographer.

Photo by Rob Shaer

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