John E. Flanagan

I was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The youngest of four children, one brother Thomas Allan (Tom) Flanagan, two sisters, Nora Elizabeth (Nora) Flanagan, and the oldest Carol Ann (Carol) Flanagan.

Our mother Joyce Doreen Merrick Flanagan past away December 18, 1984, my best friend!

Our father James Edward (Ted) Flanagan past away November 9, 2014, who became my best friend the summer of 1985.

My bother Tom married Jane King Cridland Flanagan in November 1984 so, at least our mother was able to see one of her children get married.

August 10, 1985 my nephew Merrick Flanagan Moritz was born.

May 1992 my neice Caitlin Jane Flanagan was born.

In September 1989 I met Anne Marie Catherine Steklasa and asked her out in October 1989 for a Company Hallowen Party and we have been together ever since. Anne Marie and I live in Bradford, Ontario, Canada with our dog Abbey, a 70 lb. Border Collie x Labrador Retriever character.

I am a Global Internet Entrepreneur, I own two businesses outright and have an interest in 16 other businesses. Forty years ago, I embarked on an educational path to become an Automotive Engineer, fortunately my father advised me to take business courses during my time in post secondary education. I have since gone back to school twice for Accounting, Business & Computer Applications and Horticulture.

Our parents believed in LIfe Long Learning, instilled it in all four of us, myself, Tom, Nora & Carol. Hence, my Life Long Learning journey has included, sales, marketing, securities & real estate investment, and a 23 plus year involvement in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing Industry that has been a personal development program to help be become a better person, kinder, gentler and more engaged in society.