Kah John

Student in Segambut, Malaysia

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I am just an ordinary person. For me, smile is everything. So, keep smiling no matter how tough the life is =)



I have a dream.

Even though it look impossible, but I still wish to spread all my happiness to people all around me especially my family and friends.

My friends prefer to share their feelings to me as I'm a good listener.

My friends prefer to hang out with me as I'm also make jokes in front of them.

Sometimes I might be emo-ing, but I will change all the negative aura back to positive again. That's me!

Here are the perspective's from my friend.

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**What is important to you?**

For me, smile is everything.

It is one and only thing that make me feels important in my life.

I believe, good luck will always stay by the person who loves to smile.

Besides, I wish that my family and friends will always stay in good condition, have a healthy body, life full with joys and happy everyday.

We cannot estimate what happens next.

So, smile as many as we can and leave the good impressions to the people we loved the most.


**How to support?**

No one is perfect including me.

Sometimes I might be blur, very very blur, but I wish you guys can understand me, mentally support me and be with me whenever I am feeling down.

I might make some mistake, so do not hesitate to correct me as I am in learning process as well.

Family and friends are both important for me.

As long as you guys did not give up on me, I swear, I will try my best to become a better person.

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