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Author, Public Speaker, and Meatsuit Driver in Durham, NC

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Hi! I'm John and I have been a guest of several podcasts and radio shows describing my life as a metaphysical secret agent. With a Baptist father and a Catholic mother, I had to either live in a confessional or keep my discoveries to myself. These included:

1. Talking to grandpa and other ghosts at 9.

2. Astral Projecting into neighbor's homes at 14.

3. Clearing houses of ghosts at 22.

4. Having ghosts following me home at 22.

5. Reiki Practitioner at 30.

6. Spontaneous Past Life Regression (PLR) at 30.

7. Near Death Experience narrated by George Carlin at 39.

8. Shared Near Death Experiences with my cancer patients at 43.

9. Deliberate PLR of 12 lifetimes at 46.

11. Extended NDE download received at 46.

12. Soul fragment retrieval at 48.

Now, while THIS was going on, there were other adventures that life was giving me. [Announcer voice: But wait! There's more!] I'm still trying to figure out why my dance card is so darned full this time around. These adventures:

A. Spending my first month in an incubator.

B. Taking apart the family TV with a butter knife at 4.

C. Getting my 1st professional singing gig at 6.

D. Began singing opera at 16.

E. Being arrested by Russian police in East Germany at 17.

F. Opening for the Oak Ridge Boys at 18.

G. Professional Bass soloist at 19.

H. Performed for President Reagan at 19.

I. Nominated to Who's Who of College Students at 23.

J. Graduated with degrees in Music Performance, English Literature, and Psychology at 23.

K. Invited to the NFL combine by Jimmy Johnson at 25.

L. Started clinical research (because I had a prostate) at 30.

M. Helped bring Alimta and Humira to market at 32.

N. International Corporate Technical Trainer at 35.

O. Created 1st company at 37.

P. First written publication at 40.

Q. Helped in discovery of the BRCA1 gene, ER-/HER- treatment protocol at 43.

R. Helped create a cancer tissue bio-repository at 43.

S. Defended a FDA approved medication (sibutramine) from being pulled from the market at 45.

T. Published first novel, The Alchemist's Heir, at 47.

U. Created skin cream company at 49.

V. Duplicated my NDE with ketamine therapy at 52.

W. Publishing second novel, Guitars, CIgars and Tiki Bars - A Guy's Guide to Spirituality at 52.

I am looking for more opportunities to speak on shows or in person to share my story and inspire others with my philosophy of living well which I call Obstinate Spirituality.

Thank you!

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