John Paul

To the outsider, my day really does seem to revolve around these words: so, if I can just get you to sign your name here. And really, who honestly can blame them for thinking that. I cruise neighborhoods with a fold out of kitchen knives bringing Mrs. Jones a product known as CUTCO. Have you heard of CUTCO before? Say What? Well, let me back up. The thing is, I sell knives. No, it's not door-to-door, even though it feels like it some days. It's actually on appointment basis or whatever my managers want me to believe is true today. The truth of the matter is that I too have become to think of myself as a little "crazy" now. Crazy enough to sell knives obviously, but to actually think about why selling is so important. To be very blunt, this selling habit of mine has allowed me several things in life: growth, opportunity, and impact. And because of this habit I am able to keep asking for the order in life. So, I would not be doing my job if I did not ask you this question: do you want to keep reading?