John Powell

My relationship with photography began way back in 1985, when I purchased my very first 35mm camera. It didn’t matter to me that the camera in question was an Nikon EM – we got on well together, she helped me win a few competitions, but most importantly that little EM laid down the foundations to a system that I still use today – nearly 30 years on.

Like a lot of photographers of my generation, we ditched our film cameras in favour of overly priced digital ones and embarked on a new journey through light-rooms, photo-shops, Internet forums and weblogs. Digital photography also gave me the confidence to start exhibiting my work again, both in National and International exhibitions. Although much of my exhibition work is still shot using digital cameras, I’m now finding it increasingly more enjoyable (and rewarding) to shoot film again!

I very much regret selling off my old Nikon cameras, many of which have now become “Cult Classics”. My original intention was to simply regain the few Nikon cameras I'd sold off. I then thought, but why stop there? Why not just collect the lot!

My collection is by no means complete, as I can always find a home for another Nikon.