john sermon

Salford, United Kingdom


Firstly, my blog is about the process I go through when I’m writing my stories. It has helped me to finish my stories and I have gained some invaluable feedback and advice, which has helped me greatly. I have also used this blog to talk to other authors about how they write their stories and their experiences.

Secondly, I’m a 32-year-old writer from Stockport, Manchester, England. I’ve been writing in my spare time for the past 15 years with varying degrees of discipline. I’m hoping to take it further and I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and my writing. I’ve written three full stories and a twenty short stories so far and I’m half way through many others. All of these require editing, which I’m more than looking forward to. I enjoy every part of the writing process.

My interest in writing began when I took a Film Studies Course at College in 2001. One of the assignments was to create a character and give him or her a back story. I did this and got some good feedback from my tutor but I only fully remember the feeling I got from creating the character. I loved it and from then on I casually wrote but have only recently (2010) started to take it further.

I enjoy reading all kinds of stories, but mostly fantasy and sci-fi orientated ones. These are my chosen genres as I love the idea of creating a whole world from scratch or tweaking with the one I’m living in now. And, if I want something in there like a sleep walking dragon or an army of bugbears, I can add them in and not have to worry as long as I remember to explain how along the way.

I currently live and work in Manchester. I’m a banker and it pays for my life so I can’t complain that much. I’m a member of various sites, being my favorite, that allow me to gain feedback on my work. It also allows me to read some brilliant stories along the way, which is always good.

I like to listen to rock and metal music whenever I’m walking or running and not writing. I enjoy watching a wide range of films to relax. I’d say my favorite author is Giles Kristian. My other favorites and influences include J.R.R Tolkien, JK Rowling, Bret Easton Ellis and Robert Lewis Stevenson.

If you’d like to know more, don’t be afraid to ask.

I can be easily contacted via email or my blog site: