John and Nicole Oswald

Endicott NY

I want to let everyone know what has brought me to this amazing company. I started to notice my hair began falling out at an amazing rate. Everytime I took a shower I would have clumps of hair in my hands. Everytime I brushed my hair the same thing, clumps and clumps. I would sit in my bathroom each day in tears. I had gone to the doctor and had blood test after blood test run with no answers. I then began my mission to find something that would help. I tried every over the counter product out there and nothing helped me. I then was introduced to IT WORKS. I began taking the hair skin and nail and after two weeks my hair stopped falling out and actually began to get thicker and healthier!!! I can not begin to express how I felt to finally have a product do exactly what it said it would do. I then decided to check and see what else this amazing company had to offer. This is when i decided to try their body wraps. I like many of you didn't have time to exercise with my kids busy schedules. So I thought why not give it a try. I not only lost inches but my skin began to tighten tone and firm before my eyes. I decided at this point I need to share this with the world. If it could do this much for me I wanted to have other people as happy as I was.

If you are ready to have your body turn into everything you dreamed it could be let me know. I am ready to show you how life changing this will be. If you are also ready to be a part of a huge caring family to make all the extra money you need to give your kids the world i would love to get you started. My goal is to give my kids the greatest childhood memories I can. They have their entire life to be an adult with bills,stress and disappointment. So let's get earning the extra money for the life you and your kids deserve along with the body you will be proud of.