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Screenwriter & Author of children's books.

Just released!

Jack Goes To Hospital

It's a stressful time, taking a young poorly child to Hospital. This picture book gives your child a great story to read plus Hints & Tips to keep you and your child stress-free at Hospital!

Santa Claus is a ZOMBIE!

For ages 3 years and above and gives children the meaning of giving and sharing at Christmas.

My Dinosaur is ALIVE!! When a young boy is painting in his colouring book, a dinosaur suddenly jumps out of his book and asks to paint!

Animal Alphabet Search is a great book for kids from baby to 5 years. ABC's, numbers, animal recognition, spelling and counting. Little Miss Straight Tail is a great snuggle up bedtime read for you and baby - check it out!

The Boomerang Mystery, Jay-Pea-Eyes aka Junior Private Investigators is a whodunit/mystery for kids. The second in the JPI's series is now ready, The Curse of Sea Shell Cave is now available.

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