Johnathan Ahlf

An entrepreneur with experience in marketing, retail, and capital management, Johnathan Ahlf contributes his versatile knowledge to several online businesses. FDI International is a financial and personal benefits firm that offers representatives the equipment and training to become profitable at-home agents; additionally, those involved receive the ongoing support of a team of experts who answer questions and provide support. Johnathan Ahlf also serves on the leadership team of Merchant Business Alliance, LLC (MBA), a group that offers businesses efficient payment processing capabilities. MBA markets solutions that work within Internet terminals or wireless devices, thereby increasing speed and reliability, as well as products such as check imaging devices, gift cards, contactless readers, and online credit card software. Ahlf’s firm caters to the food service industry, gas stations, vehicle rental ventures, and the hospitality industry. Additionally, MBA presents clients with the benefit of receiving merchant cash advances to be repaid later in future credit sales. In his role with the company, Ahlf draws from more than 15 years of experience in professional development.

Before transitioning into his current positions, Johnathan Ahlf served in a management role with financial services firm UBS. As Executive Vice President of Marketing, he held a number of responsibilities, including budget supervision, the organization and execution of training seminars, support for the software development department, and the implementation of initiatives to increase revenue. He also devised an aggressive marketing campaign and built high-functioning customer relationship management (CRM) and customer access software programs. While at UBS, Ahlf was honored as a top sales representative for his work with the company’s many contractors.