John Atherton

The Skinny

Grew up on the East Coast. After undergrad, for a while I was a teacher (art & geography) and a coach (soccer & lacrosse). I then shifted to the container shipping business to follow my life-long love with maps and things that move. Next, I jumped to a tech start-up in the supply chain space in '00, and have been there ever since. Married with three kids, live in the SF Bay Area.

Professional Career

I have extensive experience in the global supply chain and technology industries, and have a unique blend of cross-over skills – I am equally proficient in both business consulting and technical design.

After joining GT Nexus as one of the first employees, I’ve had several roles including product management, solutions consulting, sales and business development. I'm currently focused on strategic projects and knowledge management.

As SVP of Strategic Initiatives, I am responsible for strategic projects and planning with an emphasis on corporate knowledge development and sales mobilization. I work closely with our CEO and the leadership team on various initiatives, both internal and external, that help ensure the company has the knowledge, skills and understanding to operate as a world-class organization.

In my role as Chief Knowledge Officer, I serve as the company’s knowledge management leader with responsibility for ensuring both our employees and our clients maximize their return on information flow.

I’ve been a competitive athlete and team captain throughout my life and as you can see in the photo on the left, I still get out on the playing fields when I can! I’ve learned from my athletic experiences the value of hard work, dedication, and above all, the importance of having a strong team. I’m a team player and I enjoy leading teams to achieve success that is greater than any individual could have achieved on his or her own. While the venue may be different in my professional life, the principles are still the same.