John Barksdale

Founder of iAM Marketing in California

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John Barksdale is the visionary and creative genius behind the overall concept of iAM Marketing.

Drawing on his experience from developing a wide array of his own successful businesses, John brings a truly unique skill-set to the marketplace.

His ability to transcend the business spectrum is the direct result of his mastery of technology, direct sales, manufacturing, and marketing.

Raised in a large family that embraced individuality and creativity, John graduated high school at the age of 13 and began his first

entrepreneurial venture. By the time most of his peers were thinking about the Senior Prom, John had made first million dollars.

John’s unique ability to meld traditional corporate structures, the networking industry, and online social media marketing has enabled him to

predict trends and create practical, innovative solutions for his clients. When he is not working, John enjoys reading and travel.