Carolyn Bevis-Downing

Born: Carolyn Yvonne, in a nice family of parents and two sisters. Growing up I lived for the outdoors. Married when I was a Jr, in HS. Had a long life of children. Mine, theirs and then some. Today I have a wounderful Husband and live in a nice home by the lake. Love the Countryside, where we live with our three dogs, one cat and four PekingDucks I Love FB. I play FarmVille, YoVille, CityVille and PuzzledHearts. When I was 29, I joined the KSARMYNG. I retired in 07. One tour in Iraq, injured in a blast. Damage to my frontal-lobe. Glad to be alive today. 07, tried other bussiness in home that didn't work out. Costly to me. Now working the John Beck Program. God Bless Everyone Cara